Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Cops - Get Ready For Seattle's Best New Band

A strange thing happened the other week. I was surfing the net for info about Joe Jackson's new 'Rain' album and I ended up on a blog called Cherrybombed (, which I think is Seattle based.

On the blog, the blogger gave their top 10 rundown of what they considered to be the hottest bands in Seattle. One of those bands was 'The Cops'. They're even better than the Strokes!

Upon further investigation, I tracked down a copy of their 'Free Electricity' album (their second album) and was completely knocked for six. This band are brilliant and could blow up into the next big thing, especially here in the UK.

Immediate impressions - lead vocalist sounds like an angry and pissed off Joe Strummer. Elements of Clash Sandinista meets Television, Wire with the Dolls thrown in. 'Light It Off' is a knockout song, while 'Them Cats' reminds me of some crackhead dickheads who should know better. And the songs keep rolling in 'Secret Lives', 'Mega Suicide', 'Cold Crushin', 'Free Electricity' and the atonal organ enhanced 'N-99'.

This is an exciting record from a potentially exciting new band (well, not so new - they've been touring for three years in the US).

Look no further -, 'Free Electricity's is available on the Mount Fuji label in Seattle.

Do the right thing. Call the Cops.

Check out what Music has to say about the band -

The Cops are a band of the people; born out of repression, revulsion, frustration and all the other things that make life so horrible and rock bands so great. After spending much of 2006 on the road they now present to you their razor-sharpened 2nd full-length, Free Electricity.

Dynamiting the walls of classic rock and rebuilding on the crumbling foundations, The Cops have constructed a set filled with scratching, twitching, aching, unholy rock music that still manages to be both familiar and crucially entertaining.

Topical without being political and political without being preachy, Free Electricity is eleven dark, roughhousing manifestos broadcast from roughly 5.3 meters below the sidewalk of every major street in the world. No fuss, no muss, no stupid hippie haircuts. No shit.

The Cops formed in July of 2004 with Michael Jaworski on lead vocals and guitar, John Randolph on guitar and David Weeks on drums. Seattle label Mt. Fuji Records released both their debut EP Why Kids Go Wrong in March of 2005, and the critically acclaimed full-length Get Good or Stay Bad in November of 2005.

Former Supersuckers and Hater bassist, Drew Church, replaced Brian Wall on bass in early 2006, just in time for a tour supporting Cursive and Jeremy Enigk. Following the recording of Free Electricity guitarist Brandon Bay was added to the mix to make The Cops a full-fledged 5-piece rock band.

The band has toured the US consistently for the past 3 years supporting the aforementioned Cursive & Jeremy Enigk as well as tours with The Hold Steady, Constantines, and others. Free Electricity was recorded with the band’s spiritual godfather Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks & Young Fresh Fellows) and mixed by the multi-talented producer Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, Old Haunts, The Briefs).

The Cops new record makes good on their debut while showcasing a band hitting their stride as a powerful force in rock music. The Control Group released Free Electricity on November 6th, 2007.

“On Free Electricity, the Cops' staccato stop-and-go six-string rhythms couple with abusive drumming to create a surprisingly danceable set.” –

"The Cops are the Seattle rock act most likely to blow up global-style any minute now. Currently at work on another full-length effort coddled by local rock n' roll sage and apparent busybody Kurt Bloch, The Cops are going to have a tough time staying off everyone's radar real soon."
- The Stranger