Thursday, April 09, 2009

New York Dolls sell out London's 100 Club in 4 minutes

The legendary New York Dolls recently announced a rare, intimate concert at London's celebrated punk rock venue "The 100 Club" on May 14th. The concert coincides with the release of the band's fourth studio album in 36 years - 'Cause I Sez So'.

Tickets went on sale on Tuesday April 4th at 9am, but by 9:04, the show was completely sold out. Apparently UK Dolls fans are not happy. Could this be their only UK show or will there be a full-blown UK tour planned for later in the year?

And what of the new album that reunites the band with their first producer, Todd Rundgren? Make no mistake, the Dolls have not lost their rock and roll bluesy edge on this album. If anything, the new album could very well be their best "sounding" album of their career. What's notable is David Johansen's impeccable vocals and lyrics, but the real highlight is Steve Conte's guitar playing. This guy is really amazing and has been kicking around the circuit for years.

So far, this year, there is no other album that comes close to the new Dolls album. It commands a wild energy, a looseness and a swagger that no other album released this year can ever hope to compete with. What's more, it sounds like a collaborative effort, not just a trademark Rundgren produced album. One wonders if Syl and David locked Todd in a cage, twiddled the knobs on the mixing desk, to get it just like they wanted to.

Somewhere in the tracks you can see the Runt trying to put his all into the overall production. So they meet halfway and come up with the best album of their career. From the title track to 'Muddy Bones', 'Ridiculous', 'Nobody Got No Bizness' and the half-assed slowed down re-hash of 'Trash' - this is an addictive collection of nicotine stained gems that just won't let go.

The Dolls are back with a vengeance.