Monday, January 05, 2009

Moe Berg's still looking for The Pursuit of Happiness

Some things come in small packages. Others come wrapped in tin foil. The leftovers are usually somebody else's other problem. But for The Pursuit of Happiness, after their fifth album, they decided to call it quits.

Best known for their first hit single "I'm An Adult Now", the band went on to release some rockin' guitar albums decked out with hookier than now female backing vocals and a lead singer in the long haired Canadian super geek called Moe Berg.

On their third album "Downward Road" they rocked out with the best of 'em with cool tracks like "Cigarette Dangles", and on their fourth album "Off The Bone", their razor sharp wit got the best of them. By the fifth album, like any decent rock band, they imploded.

At the best of times the band sounded like a cross between Cheap Trick, Utopia, Ted Nugent and the Beach Boys, and even Todd Rundgren. Melodic hooks and pop were the order of the day.

Maybe it's time for a comeback?

"She's so young, she's got the answer, she doesn't need to question the world like I do." - 'She's So Young' / TPOH