Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lou Reed Does Berlin (with a 30-piece orchestra)

Lou Reed is coming to Europe in June with a 30-piece orchestra to peform his critically acclaimed 1973 album "Berlin". Reed performed the world premiere of Berlin last December at St. Anne's Warehouse in New York City. The reviews were amazing.

The publicity for the European tour of Berlin includes a funny if not sarcastic quote from the man himself - "One time, one time only; you can tell your kids you saw Berlin."

Typical Lou. He talks like he's a circus ringleader. Miss this at your peril and you'll never get a chance to see him peform the album again. Talk about mental anguish.

The new show will feature the New London Children's choir, a string section, a horn section and Lou's core rock band.

Berlin is on of those rare albums that tends to tap a nerve. It's atmospheric, sad and haunting. When the album was originally released in '73, the majority of rock critics slated it. It wasn't Transformer 2. But like Iggy and The Stooges "Raw Power" or the early Velvet Underground albums or the first New York Dolls album, the mainstream didn't get it. These albums didn't shift units. Record executives had nothing good to snort about (no pun intended).

I mean, on face value, and album about a housewife who turns to drugs and prostitution in Berlin, and then commits suicide, isn't exactly Norah Jones or Corrine Bailey Ray territory. I mean, Amy Winehouse might be the new shrunken head/big hair she devil, but that doesn't mean rock and roll records can't have a place outside of traditional music.

Berlin has it all - from Caroline Says, The Bed, The Kids, How Do You Think It Feels, Men of Good Fortune, Sad Song, Oh Jim. Can you just imagine what this concert is going to sound like with horns, strings and a choir. This could be Lou's swansong. History in the making.

Don't forget to bring junior along to the fesitivities.

Lou Reed, Berlin forever - www.loureed.com.

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