Sunday, June 22, 2008

Róisín Murphy: The only woman I know who can turn a chip shop into a disco

Last year Róisín Murphy released 'Overpowered', her second solo album. Murphy used to be one half of the Sheffield based electronica duo 'Moloko'.

One of the songs from Murphy's new solo album ('Let Me Know') had this wonderfully entertaining video accompanying it with the lady in question returning from a night out to her local chip shop, only to turn it into an imaginary disco (you probably have to be a little drunk).

The results are hilarious, sexy and pure knock out. The track is an elegant dancefloor stomper, while Murphy looks like a stylish Grace Kelly with a retro pillbox hat.

"Let me know when you're lonely, baby."

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Yes, yes, yes! I love Roisin. I used to love Moloko as well but now she's making wonderful solo albums. I have to say that I preferred her first album, 'Ruby Blue', but I still loved 'Overpowered' last year.