Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bruce Dickinson plays Todd Rundgren's 'Strike'

On Friday 19th September at 22:45, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson played Todd Rundgren's song 'Strike' (one of the new songs featured on Rundgren's forthcoming new studio album 'Arena')on his BBC Radio 6 Music Friday Night Rock Show in the UK.

You can play the show back online via BBC iPlayer from the following link - until Thursday 25th September.

Here's the transcript of Dickinson's intro to 'Strike' -

"Speaking of The Hermit of Mink Hollow, I did say Todd Rundgren, and I meant it, too. Todd Rundgren...vetran rocker and producer who's turned 60. He must have been given a school boy's outfit. At present this next track does sound a little bit like AC/DC. On the other hand AC/DC are probably close to turning 60, and they're still wearing school boy's outfits."

"Typically we've had no AC/DC for seven years, and then Airbourne turn up, Todd Rundgren does this, and AC/DC re-emerge. Could this be a sign? Could the Routemaster be on its way back? Oh yes, I do hope so (I hate those bendy things)."

"Anyway, from his new album called 'Arena', it's a sort of homage to arena rock. It features a bunch of tracks the rock suprisingly hard."

"The Routemaster of course was a very famous red London bus. For those of you who don't know what a Routemaster bus was, you could walk on and off the back without getting caught up - and it didn't run cyclists over, which is why we like it instead of bendy buses, thank you very much (Public service announcement)."

"It's a nod to Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, Rush and AC/DC. Check it out. This is Todd Rundgren with 'Strike'."

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