Sunday, January 17, 2010

Introducing the iGarage-Door-Opener""

Apple's newest product offering, the iGarage-Door-Opener, comes hot off the heels of the release of the immensely-popular iPhone.

Featuring a multi-touch display and easy-to-use software, control of all vital garage door functions is at your fingertips.

Similar in appearance and functionality to its telephone counterpart, the iG.D.O. contains a 350MHz transmitter and is capable of downloading and storing up to 10GB of mp3 files.

The advanced settings menu allows you to select various "operation tones" that will play while the door is in the process of opening and/or closing, and the bottom surface of the iG.D.O. even contains a heavy-duty titanium clip if for those who choose to mount it on a belt or sun visor.

With a retail price in the neighborhood of $350, Apple quickly admits that the iG.D.O. isn't for everyone.

However for those well-to-do people who have everything but a fashionable means of opening and closing their garage doors, this product will likely make the perfect Father's Day gift.

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