Saturday, January 15, 2011

De Staat: Mechanically inclined and loving the 'machine'

Psycho industrial alt rock band 'De Staat' recently announced that they will release the follow up album to Wait For Evolution on March 14th in the UK. They new album, aptly titled "Machinery" promises some heavy duty shennanigans, sonic shoot 'em ups, thundering rhythms and unforgettable sounds.

Machinery is described by the band as a "gut-inducing slab of psycho funk." It's a dark sonic adventure that takes the listener through underground caves of blues, funk and electro where halal butchers, serial killers, whistleblowers, rats and sweat-covered bodybuilders cross paths. 

"I often hear we sound like a machine when we play live," says lead singer/songwriter Torre Florim. "I thought it would be fun to expand on and emphasise the mechanical elements in the music."

Continues Florim, "We played a lot of rhythms, and also created crazy sounds with the guitars. I didn't want to exclusively focus on the rhythmic parts, but instead wanted to change the way we approached the tools of a conventional rock band setup. During the process of writing and creating the music, the album developed an industrial flavour that reminded us of a machine."

If you're feeling mechanically inclined -

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