Saturday, February 16, 2008

Polysics - Japanese Moonage Daydream

Don't ask me how I ended up on the Polysics MySpace page, it happened by accident.

Whilst trying my best to avoid the latest Natasha Beddingfold video, I crashed into what I can only describe as a zany post-modern homage to a Japanese pop band who are a cross between The Jetsons and DEVO. They make Daft Punk seem boring.

Their video for 'Electric Surfin Go Go' is hilarious, if not super-charged, cartoon-like and very entertaining. Like a breath of fresh air, and a much-needed alternative from all the indie rock rubbish that is currently being force fed down our throats by record companies who lack a sense of imagination and vision.

Well, if you want vision, then Japan's 'Polysics' (sic name for a band), is your secret gateway into something new, fun and exciting. Check out the video for 'Electric Surfin Go Go' -

If you want to see if the band can cut it live, then check out 'New Wave Jacket' -

What really sums of the genius of Polysics is their ultra cool and deadpan futuristic pisstake video of tacky hip off body-popping dance moves. One member of the band impersonates Michael Jackson's moonwalking to the point where it's almost ridiculous but cool.

The video is for the song 'I My Me Mine' -

Polysics are MySpace's best kept secret (but not for long).

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